Blu-Ray Disc, Pioneer BDP-95FD Blu-Ray

Pioneer BDP-95FD Blu-Ray Disc Reviews For the Multi-Region Version

The Multi-Region version is available from Planet Omni.

This player is amazing. It’s clearly better than the first-gen players, bdps1, even the bd91. there are a few little things to consider about blu ray. It SHOULDN’T play CDs. If you have 1000 to spend on an Elite Blu-ray disc, then you should have good money, like 600 for a Cambridge azure or like a 24-bit cd player. Blu ray lasers are very narrow, and will not read CDs correctly, and to make them do so would be way more work than is considered worthwhile by the major manufacturers.

That being said, DROOL! best upscaling I have seen on any player to date, full streaming features, and the Pioneer Elite look. It’s a really good player and me for one think that it’s best to date.

It plays CDs, as well as internally decodes advanced audio (minus DTS-HD Master) into PCM for transmission over HDMI or analog, for all the legacy receivers out there.

Very nice Blu Ray player though with many nice features. Loads like a computer not as fast as a regular player but no big deal. This model is much better than the last from this line. The picture and sound are so wonderful on a Pioneer Plasma TV. I also have the Elite VSX-91TXH amp to go with my system Great Work Pioneer but work on the prices ok.

WOW That is an awesome player!

I am starting to flavor Pioneer the most.

According to the manual for the BDP-94FD, the connector diagram on page 11 shows 8 RCA connectors to support 7.1.

I doubt there will be any major physical changes between the BDP-94FD and the to-be-released BDP-95FD.

I don’t claim any special expertise but my experience with Pioneer Elite has been my barometer. We bought a second DVD a couple of years back to support both DVD and SACD which my Denon did not. The Pioneer bested the Denon in both Picture Quality and musicality in my setup AND the Pioneer is still working, the Denon’s motor went about 6 months ago. Sounds real simple to me………..

Pioneer’s new Elite Blu-ray player, the BDP-95FD, is geared to audiophiles as much as it is aimed at videophiles: In addition to HDMI 1.3a and x.v.ycc color, it has bitstream output of even the highest audio codecs, including DTS HD Master Audio. In other words, if you just bought one of the latest, most kick-ass A/V receivers, you might actually be able to use its audio decoders.

The receiver does a few other things too, most notably acting as a media streamer for PC content from Pioneer’s Home Media Gallery system.

Pioneer® Elite® BDP-95FD Blu-ray Disc Player

Pioneer BDP-95FD Blu-Ray Disc

The new Pioneer Elite BDP-95FD offers unprecedented high definition picture and sound as a result of HDMI 1.3 connectivity. In addition to superb picture performance, the increased bandwidth capacity means the player has internal decoding of high resolution audio formats: Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital+, and DTS-HD(TM) as well as bit-stream output for all advanced audio formats including DTS-HD Master for 7.1 surround sound performance. The BDP-95FD can faithfully reproduce the 1080p 24 frames per second (fps) rate needed to preserve feature film sequences as the director intended. The Pioneer Elite Blu-ray Disc player incorporates HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to ensure streamline integration with other HDMI-CEC enabled high definition theater components. This feature allows users to control a whole home theater setup with a single remote for maximum convenience capability.

The new Blu-ray Disc player offers Pioneer’s exclusive Home Media Gallery that allows users to directly access and playback music, movies, and photos stored on a home PC. The user-friendly home networking feature also provides IP networking for immediate downloading and of new digital media files straight from the computer through the BDP-95FD to a connected flat-screen television. The Pioneer Elite Blu-ray Disc player is compliant with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), Window and Apple computers video, Windows Vista or Windows Media Connect as well as Microsoft PlaysForSure(TM) DRM technology.

How very happy am I that I was a Pioneer Elite “Target”…The VSX-94 is beyond comprehension, when matched with the Bdp-95, life becomes absolutely, hilariously in harmony..that, and after it took two weeks to complete a very effective hookup, I WAS AT ONE WITH ELITEZEN MANUALS…

I just picked up a Pioneer Elite BDP-95HD from the Pioneer Store in Costa Mesa.

I will keep this first post for answers to common questions so that new owners get answers quickly.

Does the Pioneer Elite BDP-95HD generate the DTS-HD Master Audio Bitstream that can be decoded by the receiver/processor?

— Yes. My Integra DTC-9.8 displays ‘DTS-HD MSTR’ when I select the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack from the disk. Audio is un-frig’in-believable!

Are the load times improved over the 94HD?

— Using POTC: COTBP as a benchmark, it took 22 seconds from pressing START on the remote to the POTC “loading…” message to appear and a total of 38 seconds for the Disney screen to appear

How does the PQ of the 95FD compare to the 94HD?

— Very similar – 95FD just slightly sharper

How well does the 1080p24fps work:

— Flawlessly

How is good is the DVD SD upconversion on the BDP-95FD?

— Excellent (better than the BDP-94HD and the HD1)


I have been watching the Kingdom of Heaven Blu Ray while listening to the DTS-HD MA soundtrack (Integra displays DTS-HD MSTR 🙂 Sounds un-frig’in-believable.

The player seems to be operating flawlessly. Boot-up time very acceptable. Responds to remote immediately. It is difficult to tell if there are any PQ differences from the PS3 that I had but the DTS-HD MA is mind-blowing…

It just took 35 seconds from pushing the close button on the remote to the Kingdom of Heaven to begin playing…

With Disk in the DVD player and player on the stop, using POTC: COTBP it took 22 seconds for the POTC loading message to appear and a total of 38 seconds for the Disney screen to appear…

After setting it up I can’t help feeling déjà vu all over again. As you can see in the pic it does look nearly identical to the 94HD and HD1. I do like the class look it has though. I really like that high gloss piano finish look. As Tony said it takes about 35 seconds for titles to start playing. Which actually is a pretty BIG improvement over the two older models. Just like the other initial set up is a breeze. I do like the Pioneer start-up screen better on the 95FD. It just looks cooler. I am not only comparing this unit to its brothers (or cousins) but also to the Samsung 1400. This ELITE unit costs more but you feel like it is money well spent.

Once again I love having the resolution button on the remote. Being able to change it on the fly is so much nicer then having to stop the movie and go into the set-up menu (like the 1400 and HD DVD players). If there is one feature other manufacturers could learn from Pioneer that would be a good one to start with. Also, having 1080p/23.98 (24) done without issues is a breath of fresh air. Toshiba has been struggling as many of us know so it is nice to get a unit out of the box (just like the 1400, 94HD and HD1) that can do 1080p/23.98 without any EDID issues. I have not spent a great amount of time with this unit but from what I have I can say it is THE best Blu ray player on the market.

The picture Q is very colorful and very sharp. It bests the very impressive (especially for its price) Samsung 1400. Not by a lot in terms of pic Q but when you add the entire package together you know why the Pioneer is more. Picture settings, menu options, great remote (which is light years ahead of the competition) and of course a great picture with great sound. Speaking of sound I have only done a couple of comparisons so far but it is too easy to select bitstream passing in the menu.

No confusion here. You are either sending D.D. or DTS via HDMI or PCM… Your call. That easy. I will do more on audio soon but sending the audio to my receiver (Onkyo 905) sounded great just as I expected. It also sounded good the few minutes I had the 95FD doing it. I am not going to say which is better because I do not want to open that can of worms again. So do not ask here. PM me.

I am using the new Sony VPL- VW60 “Black Pearl” (which is the 3rd pic) for all of my comparison so far. It handles 1080p/23.98 like a champ. I can also send it straight into my crystalio II and then tweak the image before sending it to the VW60 in 1080p/23.98. The Pioneer 95FD gets along with all of my other components which I do not take for granted these days.

And yes I am making reference to the XA2 and A35 which are stubborn when it comes to sending 1080p/24 to some displays. In direct comparison to the 94HD the 95FD is obviously a more flexible unit with a little quicker load times. Being able to pass HBR audio directly to the receiver for decoding is a really cool feature. Especially if you purchased one of the newer ones that can decode it. The picture Q is very close. I keep going back and forth. Going straight to my pj it does look like the 95FD is just a little more sharper but their brilliant colors are nearly identical. I will say the home media gallery looks more refined on the 95FD. I have never really got into that feature before but now I am intrigued so I may just jump in!

Bottom line is if you have the 94HD and do not care about the bitstream audio feature then there is absolutely no reason to dump it for the 95FD. However, if you do not and are interested in getting the best Blu ray unit in terms of features and pic/sound Q then look no further than the 95FD! I hate to keep picking the new Pioneer units as my favorite Blu ray unit but honestly the other companies are still two steps behind. The 95FD is the starter in my set up. More to come (SD DVD versus the A35 and XA2 and even 1400) as well as a few more thoughts on audio…BTW, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (BR) is looking and sounding awesome on this unit! Pick up a copy!

Well, I am pleasantly surprised to post that the 95FD has excellent upconversion. Much better than the 94HD and HD1. I even put it through the HQV Blu ray benchmark tests and it handled them very good. Especially my favorite stadium torture test! And as tradition lately it even made my adult videos look great! It is right on par with the A35 and XA2. I will work harder tomorrow and do real side by side comparisons (1400 included) but my first initial impressions are very good to excellent… More to come..

Great report Joe. Thanks. Looks like a winner. I too LOVE the “classic” look and finish of “Elite” equipment. This is definitely the machine I will purchase when my Onkyo 885 Pre/pro arrives.

Have you compared a 5.1 PCM track coming out of the PS3 vs. 95? I know there should not be a noticeable difference, but if you would not mind doing a comparison I would be curious to know for sure.

It is not surprising that DTS-MA sounds better from the 95 as we are getting the full signal vs. only the 1.5 core of the PS3. Can’t wait to hear this!

The DTS-HD hi res is from the King Of New York’s DTS HD soundtrack (I am reviewing) and the DTS-HD MASTER is from the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer soundtrack which states it is DTS-HD MASTER…

As I posted earlier in this thread the 1400 is very close but the 95FD produces a sharper image. I also prefer it for SD DVD upconversion. I also prefer all the other cool features like the resolution button on the remote. It is much nicer being able to change resolutions on the fly than having to hit stop and go into a setup menu. Especially when you are trying to compare them! I have spent a while this afternoon playing different blu ray discs but tomorrow I will do my comparisons between the XA2 for SD DVD upconversion. I predict the 95FD will be on par with the XA2. We need to find out which chip it is using because it is by far much better than the 94HD and HD1… More to come tomorrow…

If the 95 can match the XA2 on SD upscaling this is a tremendous plus. The XA2 makes new DVDs almost look like HD and the only players so far that can do the same job are the very Hi-end Denon’s or players costing 5 times more. The Samsung 1200 has the same Reon chip and should also be great but lacks the new audio features. Depending on your tests I will be a new 95 owner soon.

I have the bdp-95fd and the PDP-6010fd display. Extremely happy with it. Firmware support has been excellent. I am using it with a TacT 2.2x digital preamp, TacT digital Boz amp, Escalante Pinyons and a pair of Escalante subs. My connection is through the coax digital output. I have had an signature upgraded Denon 3930 in my system using the same set-up and I must say the sound quality and bass impact blows me away on the BPD-95fd In stock form, the Pioneer BPD-95fd is an excellent performer in terms of audio and video.

Given my system can only process two-channel audio through the digital output, am I getting the two-channel version decoded Dolby Digital Plus?

Me too, I have the 95 and a 94 receiver and it is quite impressive in the sound department. It is a definite benefit to have the ma tracks. If you have good equipment.

High-resolution picture and sound performance come together in the new Pioneer® Elite® BDP-95FD Blu-ray Disc® player introduced at the CEDIA Expo today. Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is showcasing its highly anticipated player, the industry’s first to offer bitstream output of all advanced audio formats including: Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital+, DTS-HD(TM) High Resolution and DTS-HD(TM) Master Audio.

The BDP-95FD ensures a near cinematic experience with its ability to handle 1080p 24 frames per second (fps) reproduction rate preserving a feature film’s original sequence. Taking advantage of HDMI® 1.3 connectivity, the new player provides smooth, pristine imagery and dynamic 7.1 surround sound to deliver the full emotional impact of Blu-ray Disc feature films as the director intended.

The Pioneer Elite Blu-ray Disc player leads the industry with sophisticated home theater offerings including HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to ensure seamless integration with other high definition theater components. In addition, movies, music and photos can be easily streamed from a home PC to connected 1080p television via the player’s enhanced home networking functionality for unrivaled entertainment.

“Our newest Elite BDP-95FD player is like having a movie theater projector delivering best-in-class picture and sound at home. Its high performance is a testament to our optical disc heritage and commitment to delivering the ultimate home theater by introducing lossless high resolution audio that entertainment junkies will truly appreciate,” said Chris Walker, senior manager of marketing and product planning at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “When combined with a KURO television and Elite A/V receiver. The BDP-95FD immerses home audiences in a seeing and hearing experience like never before.”

Next Generation High Definition Performance

Leading high definition home theater, the BDP-95FD delivers unprecedented picture and sound as a result of HDMI 1.3 capability. The new generation HDMI version is designed for smoother connectivity to emerging 1080p flat-panel televisions and other high resolution devices. With increased bandwidth capacity, the Pioneer Elite Blu-ray Disc player can transfer larger amounts of uncompressed high definition video and audio resolutions as well as standard DVD that will immerse viewers in an unforgettable viewing experience.

Stunning colors and enhanced picture reproduction are complemented by the player’s additional support of lossless digital audio formats Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital+, DTS-HD(TM) High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD(TM) Master Audio. As a result of HDMI 1.3, the BDP-95FD brings the highest quality sound performance of Blu-ray Disc film titles to the living room giving audiophiles up to 7-channels of pristine audio that defines ultimate home theater.

High Definition Integration Made Simple

Streamlining the integration of multiple home theater components, the BDP-95FD offers HDMI-CEC technology. This new convenience feature synchronizes the Blu-ray Disc player with other CEC-enabled products and controls an entire setup with a single remote. With an easy to navigate graphical user interface, HDMI-CEC requires minimal user effort while ensuring premium performance and maximum entertainment.

Cinematic Picture At Home

Mastered at 1080p 24fps, Blu-ray Disc movie titles preserve a feature film’s original sequence to faithfully deliver stellar image quality. Pioneer engineers designed the Elite BDP-95FD Blu-ray Disc to handle and output high performance 1080p 24fps signal for natural, pristine film reproduction as the director intended.

Home Media Gallery

Digital media fans can playback their favorite downloaded video and music files as well as personal photos straight from a home PC hard drive to their high definition television through Pioneer’s exclusive Home Media Gallery.

This home networking feature provides users a rich, high definition graphical interface with fast navigation to search, select and play desired content. Home Media Gallery offers IP networking for quick access and downloading of new digital media files straight from the computer for immediate viewing through the BDP-95FD on a connected flat-screen television. The Pioneer Elite Blu-ray Disc player is compliant with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) sources, as well as Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Media Center editions, as well as 3rd party DLNA server software available for both Mac and Linux based computers.

Some Blu-ray players have Dolby TrueHD, some even have Dolby Digital+, DTS-HD High Resolution, or DTS-HD Master Audio, but Pioneer’s BDP-95FD is the first to pack all four – guess that’s why they call it the Elite.

Pair it up with one of the latest high-end A/V receivers and you’ll be able to hear a pin dropped in the background as Bruce Willis takes out a helicopter with a flying cop car (again) in Die Hard 4.0.

As well as its audio treats it ticks the usual high-end 24p, HDMI 1.3, and HDMI-CEC boxes – the latter for taking control of all your HDMI-equipped gear from one über remote.

Natch, it’s also compliant with Digital Living Network Alliance (or DLNA for short) for accessing content on other compatible kit and it’ll stream content stashed away on your PC using Pioneer’s Home Media Gallery system.


Product Type

Blu-Ray disc player

Form Factor



16.5 in


13.9 in


4.1 in


14.6 lbs

Sound Output Mode

Surround Sound

Analog Video Signal

S-Video, Component video, Composite video


Media Type


Built-in Audio Decoders

Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD decoder

Media Load Type


DVD Repeat Modes

All, Title, Random, Chapter

Supported Digital Video Standards


Supported Digital Audio Standards


Output Resolution


Audio System

Digital Audio Format

DTS digital output, Dolby Digital output

Response Bandwidth

4 – 22000 Hz

Dynamic Range

108 dB

Signal-To-Noise Ratio

115 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.0015 %

Additional Features

Gold plated connectors

DVD Features

Picture Zoom


Picture Zoom Power

2x, 4x

MP3 Compatible


Additional Features

Parental lock, DLNA compatible, On-screen display, JPEG photo playback

Remote Control


Remote control




Connector Type

1 x HDMI output ( 19 pin HDMI Type A ), 1 x Ethernet ( RJ-45 ), 1 x Component video output ( RCA phono x 3 ), 1 x Composite video output ( RCA phono ), 1 x S-Video output ( 4 pin mini-DIN ), 1 x 5.1 channel audio line-out ( RCA phono x 6 ), 1 x Audio line-out ( RCA phono x 2 ), 1 x Digital audio output (coaxial) ( RCA phono ), 1 x Digital audio output (optical) ( TOSLINK ), 2 x Remote control ( Mini-phone 3.5 mm )


Cables Included

1 x Audio cable, 1, 1 x Video cable


Power Consumption Operational

35 Watt

Power Consumption Standby / Sleep

0.5 Watt

Power Device

Power supply


Power supply


AC 120 V

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