Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development

Top 8 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Off late, we have witnessed an expansion in the adoption of smartphones for entertainment, messaging, conferencing, etc (It has all become possible through data and applications available on the devices). As per Statista, the number of people who use smartphones is estimated to be 3.5 billion. To tap the better potentiality, business owners are implementing Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development to expand for better visibility and develop customer loyalty in the mobile app.

“Artificial Intelligence is the field of software engineering that centers around the development of brilliant machines that respond and operate as human beings”.

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development

Source: Quytech

According to Statista, Google Play and Apple App Store have various apps. They are ranked with 3.8 and 2 million respectively. They (Statista) have reported by the year 2025, the global market of Artificial Intelligence will be around 126 billion U.S. dollars.

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development

Source: Statista

According to the research conducted by McKinsey, the companies that excellently customize and personalize offers 5-8 times the marketing Return-Of-Invest and boosted its sale by more than ten percent over the companies that do not personalize.

This research also clarified that the personalization of app development can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. As stated earlier, improvised personalization enhances the brand identity and customer experience of your business.

One of the excellent examples of app development employing Artificial Intelligence is Netflix, an American content platform. This over-the-top production company uses the functionalities of Artificial Intelligence to analyze and read the behavior of the customers. They have also used this technology to render the suggestions of the product which is apt for the targeted audiences.

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development

Source: Statista

Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

There are numerous benefits to creating a Mobile app employing AI, they are:-

1. Strategies according to the consumption of massive data

Machine Learning virtually consumes an unlimited measure of inclusive data. One can modify and review the marketing and sales strategies of the consumed data which is purely based on the behavioral patterns of the customers.

Once the model is well trained. It will identify relevant variables.

2. Get Debugging

Artificial Intelligence can help you to reduce the errors to recognize all the errors in the code and instantly fix them. And the best part about it is, you do not have to give any command to fix the errors. Hence, the development time is pretty less.

If you are planning to produce different types of native apps in a short time then this is the best option.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development


Note: – It is always good that you get in touch with the  AI-based app development company. They will provide scalable and custom solutions for enterprises and start-ups. These suppliers will have experience in developing similar apps.

3. Quickly completes the tedious task

It can be pretty annoying to keep performing the same task again and again. Additionally, it can waste your time and kill the creativity you have planned. Additionally, it is an exercise in futility and murders imagination. Thanks to Artificial intelligence, you may focus more on substantial tasks and deviate more time on innovative input. It can also solve some real-time challenges of app development.

4. Gives utmost perfection and accuracy

One of the excellent solutions that you can do to accomplish your output with utmost perfection and accuracy “is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence”.

A small calculation may lead to a small mistake in the numerical. It will prove to be beneficial for ventures where there are fewer chances of any mistake. For them, Artificial Intelligence is an excellent lucrative option.

5. Efficiently operate for prolonged hours

You cannot deny the fact that there will be rigorous tasks that might take a longer time to work on, this includes the mining process or full investigation. There are smart robots (available in the market) that can be programmed to efficiently operate for longer hours.

6. Accurately facilitate the medical diagnosis and predictions

In the industry of healthcare, Machine Learning will help to predict the readmissions, easily identify the patients with high-risk, recommend the ideal and conceivable medicines, and make perfect near-diagnosis. These are predominantly based on the accessible datasets of symptoms and the anonymous patients (exhibited by them).

Better recommendations of medicines and near-accurate diagnoses will encourage a quicker understanding of recuperation without any requirement for extraneous drugs. Artificial Intelligence applied Machine Learning can make it conceivable to improve the wellbeing of the patient at minimal cost in the clinical area.

7. Analytical Proficiencies

With Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app, you will be overpowered to meet the requirements of your users (your potential customers). It will give you an idea about the valuable content and a plan-of-action to construct the job based on the market practice. This technology will help you to identify the right strategies to make your app worthy in the market.

8. Accurately improvise the models and rules of finances

Artificial Intelligence has enriched the finance sector and added another dimension to mobile apps. Some of the common areas where it has impacted hugely include fraud detection, loan underwriting, algorithm trading, and portfolio management.

Cost Estimation for AI-based Mobile App Development  

The cost to build a mobile app bestowing Artificial Intelligence is based upon the following factors:-

Even though there are numerous mobile operating systems such as KaiOS, LineageOS, Linux, Tizen, and Windows present in the market. However, the ones that dominate the market are iOS and Android with the maximum users.

Check the below image for the mobile operating system’s market share:-

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile app development


The other factors include the complexity, features, strategies, Development Company, third-party integration, etc.

Final Note

All the above-mentioned benefits make Artificial Intelligence “A high-value producing trend of digital innovation”.  No doubt! It has improvised and enhanced the lifestyle of human beings.

It has surely helped many enterprises to engage their users and boost revenue. They have left no stones unturned to establish themselves as the brand. 98% of them have hired agencies for maximum efficiencies and effectiveness.

If you are also planning to develop your project with Artificial Intelligence then you must ensure to hire a leading mobile app development company. They will help you to establish your product or services in the market.

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