Accessories For Your New Laptop

5 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Laptop

In the pandemic time, laptops became our indispensable companions. We use it for office work, watch the latest Netflix shows, attend virtual meetings, buy household goods, etc. People are starting to take their laptops for vacations because many have work-from-home options, and the internet connectivity is fast in most resorts and hotels. For students, laptops have become the savior as they continue their learning online. Plus, they also have access to a plethora of games and innovative apps. The latest models have touch screen facilities and can double up as a tablet too. So, don’t you have the responsibility to keep it safe? Also, laptops do not come with features like headsets, speakers, gaming controllers, security docks, and cables. You will be choosing the add-on devices based on your requirements. Below is the list of must-have accessories that can enhance the productivity and capabilities of your laptop.

1. An External Hard Disk Drive

In this age of digital tech and social media, people create gigabytes of data. Almost everyone makes videos and has innumerable pics. Also, it is preferable to have a backup of essential projects, files, software, etc. You can move the items to the external drive that you do not access regularly. In this way, you reduce the load on the laptop’s in-built storage and increase its performance. Today, hard disk drives come with a memory in the range of terabytes. Before buying one, you will have to check features such as rotational speed, encryption options, and durability. You can plug it into the laptop easily via USB cable. The latest models in the market can connect via WiFi too.

Accessories for Your New Laptop

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2. The Keyboard Cover And Screen Filter

Many apps have voice support now. Still, the keyboard is the primary medium for giving your inputs and communicating with the software. Office work is almost impossible without the crucial input device. So, it is essential to protect the keyboard from wear and tear.

Now you do not want to have spills, scratches, and dust on the sleek and smooth keypad of your new Huawei matebook d 15. Often, the letters and symbols on the keyboard get wiped with time. Therefore covering the keyboard with a thin, soft, transparent layer is advisable. Buy a washable one so that you can use it for the long term.

Another similar accessory is the screen filter. It reduces eyestrain and limits visibility to those sitting head-on. Thus, it is a must-have for those handling sensitive information. Adding a shielding layer to the screen is always more economical than getting the display replaced.

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3. Headsets – Accessories For Laptop

Be it for work or entertainment, a good headset with clear sound and volume control is necessary. You can watch your favorite movies, play games with all the sound effects. The latest headphones cancel external noise. And, the best part, you do not disturb others while enjoying the movies or shows. It is possible to connect both Bluetooth-based headphones and those with a 3.5 mm audio jack with smartphones. The headphones are not for stereo music alone. They let you talk to people across the globe and are essential during official meetings.

Accessories for Your New Laptop

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4. Cleaner Tool Kit – Accessories For New Laptop

Many of us have the habit of eating at the work desk. At times, people munch on snacks, and beverages while watching movies on the laptop. Moreover, we never notice the grime on the screen edges, near the folding, etc. And dust particles, small food crumbs get stuck in the hard-to-reach places such as ports and cooling vents. The accumulated dirt attracts microbes like bacteria and fungi. It often becomes the reason for allergies and illness.Dust accumulated on the cooling vents and inside causes overheating. The internal fan runs harder, and it results in damage to the hardware and faster battery drain. Thus, invisible dust particles affect the durability of the laptop. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a laptop cleaner tool kit with brushes, microfiber cloth, a static-free air bulb, and a cleaning solution. Clean the external surface of the laptop at least once in two weeks.

Accessories for Your New Laptop

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5. Laptop Cooler Pad

People using the laptop for long hours often experience overheating of the device. In the pandemic time, many of us are working or learning from home. Moreover, everything has come online now, right from cooking recipes to a virtual tour. At home, you might sit on the bed or sofa while keeping the laptop on your lap. And would have experienced the heat coming from its sides. Overheating leads to abrupt shutdowns, massive data corruption, and reduces the lifespan of the device. Many are working from home and also use the laptop for playing games, watching movies, etc. Thus cooling pads have become a must.  A laptop cooler is easy to use, and you can connect it to the laptop with a USB cable.

Final Thoughts

The laptop accessories enhance the performance and increase the lifespan of the device. A plethora of add-ons are available in the market. Almost everyone has a handy mouse and mini USB drives. If you are working from home, consider buying a laptop stand too. You can use them on the bed or at the desk. It prevents you from neck and eye strain. If you like making music and videos or have presentations to give, then buy a webcam and an external microphone. Thus, one can add features as per their needs and desires. But it is equally essential to keep them and the laptop safe.

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